Inspiration comes through collaboration.

I celebrate the fact that there are wonderful and curious minds around me. Knowing that there are others who think creatively excites me. I feel inspired when I am able to collaborate with peers and colleagues.

My ideas at work are given new life when I discuss them with co-workers. Sharing my thoughts provides a starting point for developing great products.

When someone challenges my perspective, I maintain an open mind. I allow the views of others to inspire new thought. There is value in hearing what others have to say.

At home, when I feel overwhelmed by an uncomfortable situation, I discuss it with my spouse. Hearing their viewpoint helps me to achieve clarity of thought. Our collaboration helps to ensure that we make suitable decisions about our kids.

I feel more committed to my tough decisions when I know I have another hand to hold.

Producing interesting topics for my school assignments is easier when I ask for input. My classmates help me to develop a clear path to what I want to write. Their feedback helps me to narrow down the most appropriate content.

Today, I embrace each chance to collaborate. I am excited about the opportunity to build something meaningful with those around me. I use their thoughts and ideas to inspire new ways of doing things.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In which aspects of my life would collaboration be very useful?
2. What alternatives do I use when I am unable to gain inspiration naturally?
3. What are some of the challenges I face when collaborating with others?

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