Passion enables me to be consistent.

I perform the work I do out of love, instead of obligation. I am passionate about my work because it is the vessel through which I am able to use my talents. By sharing my abilities with a happy attitude, I happily enrich the life of others.

Joy is infused in every action and decision I make throughout the course of my day. This is because I keep the bigger picture at the forefront of my thoughts. Having work is a privilege for which I am grateful.

I am passionate about my family and my work because I see the value of my investment. When I give my best to my family, I reap immeasurable benefits for generations to come. When I give my utmost to my work, I exceed expectations.

My work is about more than completing a task. It is about making a difference in the lives of my family members and those with whom I work. Giving my best to my work places me on the path of increase and benefits others, too.

My mindset inspires me to work harder. I complete my tasks out of love. Discipline guides my actions and allows me to be consistent in my performance. When I am eager to get the job done, I stay on top of my game.

A grateful heart strengthens me against discouragement and apathy, and allows me to work diligently.

Today, I choose to be passionate about what I do because love is the ultimate reason for all actions I take. As my passion for my life’s purpose grows, my commitment to my work grows stronger.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my attitude toward my responsibilities?
2. Why should I be grateful about the work I am privileged to perform?
3. How can I increase consistency in my actions?

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