My motivation comes from within.

I can motivate myself. I am determined to provide my family with high quality food, a nice and safe home to live in, and well-made clothes on their back. Yes, the basic essentials would suffice and I am thankful for my gifts. However, I am capable of attaining far beyond just the essentials.

This desire to provide myself with a high quality of life is my motivation to succeed. I enjoy having an abundance of cash in my bank account because it gives me freedom. If I want to, I can visit a nice restaurant for lunch or buy a pair of shoes just for the fun of it.

By choice, I work hard in order to provide myself with the finer things in life.

There are secondary motivations for success, like I want to make my mom and dad proud or I want bragging rights, but these external factors pale to the motivation I receive from the personal joys of excelling.

I enjoy the feeling of being able to pay my rent without worrying about how I can pay my other bills. I enjoy being able to walk into a beautifully decorated home after a long day at work.

But most of all, I enjoy being self-sufficient.

Today, I work towards providing myself the life I’ve earned. I reach a little higher, farther, and wider in order to achieve success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Does my motivation come from within or a desire to maintain a social rank?
2. Am I truly happy with the life I have built?
3. What can I do to increase my self-motivation?

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