I see the inspiration that surrounds me.

Inspiration is everywhere. I see it in nature and throughout life. Because I am open to joy, I find it even in simple things. I am curious about things that I don’t know. I love to learn, and every situation presents something new and beneficial.

As I look around my world, I find so much loveliness and excitement! This world is full of things that make me feel joyful and provide beauty to my life. From the beauty and hope of a new dawn to the overflowing love I felt when my baby was born, the wondrous moments of everyday life inspire me.

I find hope and joy easily. There’s no shortage of beauty in life. The secret is in being able to see what is already there.

When I focus on the good and beautiful things around me, I am inspired. Even in the midst of sadness, the beauty of a rose can uplift me.

I am at peace with myself and the world, and I radiate that outward to all around me. Inspiration makes me want to go after life with all the gusto I’ve got and help others as well. When I help others, I bring even more joy and abundance into my own life.

Everyone I help does something to inspire me. That inspiration feeds my joy and I give even more back to others. It becomes a beautiful circle of inspiration, joy, and giving.

Today, I see inspiration all around me; it’s everywhere I look.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to keep myself inspired?
2. How can I use the beauty and joy that I see all around me?
3. Are there ways I can help others to see and use inspiration?

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