Sunshine makes me feel alive.

Every time I step outside and feel the sunlight on my face, I feel alive. The sun serves as a reminder that there is a fresh new beginning to each day with opportunities waiting to be discovered.

In the brightness of every moment I find new direction. Each day is just as important and deserves to be lived with as much passion as the one before. I rise up to the challenge by allowing myself to get carried away doing an activity I love.

I desire to be like the sun, always bright. Even when there are clouds in the sky hiding the sunlight, it is still there, just out of view. My talents and gifts are always shinning even if they are hidden behind a cloud. Before long, the skies clear and I shine!

Sunlight symbolizes life. From the colorful bed of flowers growing in a garden to the birds singing their beautiful song, it is the sun that keeps all things beautiful.

On sunny days, I love going outside and basking in the sun. Being outdoors is good for my body and mental health. Staying inside a building all day can cause me to become anxious. The sun is my antidote to anxiety.

I find creative ways to spend time outdoors. Whether it is having a picnic, reading a book, holding a meeting, or working – there are plenty of activities that are enhanced when done outside.

Today, I choose to take every opportunity I get to be outside. I change my scenery to open myself up to new inspiration through a different perspective.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I spend more time outdoors?
2. What is one activity I can do outdoors rather than indoors?
3. How does the sun inspire me?

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