Each day, I share my passion for life.

I have many wonderful people, places, and situations in my life. It brings great comfort to know that, in this day, I can enjoy the bounty and joy that surrounds me. And as I find simple pleasures in all that I have, I impart my passions to others.

My co-workers often make me smile. I am touched by something they do or say and I cannot wait to share these happenings with my family.

Close friends and family bring me a zest for life. Seeing their faces and spending time with them provides me with overflowing feelings of happiness.

My work satisfies and delivers great personal rewards. To ensure I maintain passion for my job, I read and study about new projects and skills that interest me.

Engaging in fun hobbies and physical activities supplies me with ongoing zeal. As I take walks, work out at the gym, and lift weights, I feel stronger. Taking part in activities I love provides me with plenty of fodder to share.

I realize my passion for life is infectious. I see the interest others show as I relate stories about those I meet and things I love. Sharing with others brings me joy.

Today, I ignite passion in others by sharing the things that light the fires of my own passion. I am invigorated as I share my life’s true passions with others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What kinds of things bring me passion?
2. How do I share my passion with others?
3. When was the last time I revealed my passions to someone?

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