Appreciating the beauty of nature sustains me.

As I walk outside each day, I look around. I inhale the air. I notice the sensation of the breeze across my face. I am struck by the loveliness of the natural environment.

The beauty of nature wraps its arms around me. Today can be my best day or my worst day. No matter which, nature is right there, waiting to guide me through my life.

I feel grateful each time I think about the natural world. Although I believe it will always be there for me, I still gasp in sheer joy when I see deep purple blooms on the bushes or snowflakes falling from the sky.

The rich, green grass of summer tickles my nose with its aroma. This entices me to linger outdoors a few minutes more.

If a troubling thought nags at my mind, I take a walk in the open air. I breathe in, I breathe out. The aromas of nature and the caress of the breeze rise up to meet me. Each time, I find what I need to continue with my day.

When I am outdoors, I momentarily forget about the stresses of life. Any unsettling feelings I am experiencing dissolve. I am sustained by nature’s sweet song.

Today, I promise to take intimate notice of nature’s backdrop. The color of the sky, the faint fragrance in the air, and the sound of the trees rustling in the breeze all call out to me. The beauty of nature, ever-present, sustains me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Are there times when I am in a rush or so deep into my thoughts that I miss seeing all that nature provides for me?
  2. Do I take every opportunity to relax into the beauty of nature?
  3. Regardless of my mood each day, how can I remind myself to turn to nature for solace and sustenance for my soul?

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