Practice leads to expertise.

We are all born without expertise in anything. Everything we can do as adults was learned. Anything new I want to do well I must learn.

Learning is a process that requires time and attention.

Practice helps me learn. Just as learning the piano requires practice, so do many other skills. Whether I want to become a better public speaker or learn how to be more patient with others, I must practice in order to become an expert.

I am willing to put in the practice to become great at the skills that matter most in my life.

Practice also contains a lot of failure. Each wrong note I hit is a form of failure, but each wrong note helps to reveal the correct note. Each mistake I make in learning any skill can be used to further my development of that skill.

I welcome mistakes, and I know that they help me to make fewer mistakes over time.

I allow myself to have high expectations of the future because I practice today. The practice I put in today makes tomorrow better.

When I practice anything, I give it my full attention and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Today, I practice the skills that mean the most to me. My knowledge and expertise are growing as a direct result of my practice.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are three skills I need to master to take my life to the next level?
  2. How well do I handle failure? How has that limited my progress in life?
  3. How good would I become if I made a daily habit of practicing?

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