I seize the opportunities around me.

The opportunities I require to live my dreams are all around me. I take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of them. Whatever I want to accomplish, everything I need is right there.

I keep an open and curious mind. This allows me to see all the possibilities I can use to my advantage.

I am grateful for all the help the world provides me. However, I avoid relying on it. I know I can create my own opportunities with my creativity and hard work. I can bend reality to my will.

It is my responsibility to make the most of my gifts. By demanding the best from myself, I can leverage my opportunities to the fullest.

Opportunity is always knocking, and I enthusiastically answer the door.

I avoid having a passive attitude. Assertiveness is required to get the most from life. I know what I want, and I know that have a responsibility to do my part.

Opportunities are just potential. It is my job to turn that potential into actual results.

Today, I am willing to see all the possibilities before me. My mind is focused on finding opportunities and utilizing them to the best of my ability. I seize the opportunities around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When did I take full advantage of an opportunity? How did I find it?
  2. When did I fail to take full advantage of an opportunity? Why did that happen?
  3. What opportunities do I currently have that I am failing to take advantage of?

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