Listening promotes informed action.

There are very few things that I am able to create on my own. Each project relies on the input of multiple sources to be successful. I am willing to consider the ideas and advice of others to help me decide the wisest course of action.

I continue to listen to the wisdom of my parents although I am now grown. Their experience in life far exceeds mine, so I take their words to heart.

My mother is my example of the value of showing patience. Hearing her reasons for being patient with difficult people is eye-opening. I learn from her that allowing others to vent enables them to eventually come to a point of calmness.

I keep her advice in mind when I am dealing with difficult people at work. Although I am tempted to lose my cool, I remain calm and allow them to release their emotions.

After they vent, they are ready and open to listening to my perspective. My end goal is achieved when I open my heart to what others have to say. Their actions provide an indication of how best to proceed with them.

Although I am educated and experienced, I accept that there is much that I lack knowledge of.

My teachers are those people who have any knowledge that I may be missing. I respect their genius and use their teachings to show me the way forward.

Today, I am blessed to have a heart that is open to actually hearing what others have to say. There are answers out there for me once I open myself to whatever source they come from.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who are some of my greatest teachers in life?
  2. Who do I turn to when I am facing a difficult emotional decision?
  3. How do I decide when to take my own advice over someone else’s?

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