I do my part.

I make a positive contribution to the world. I am committed to doing my part. I understand my strengths and skills. I leverage my areas of expertise. I focus on doing what comes naturally to me so I can accomplish more.

I take responsibility for my choices.  I hold myself accountable for using my resources wisely and reaching my goals.

I set a good example. I ask myself whether my actions align with my values. I manage my emotions and treat others with respect. I try to spread a cheerful attitude. I want my behavior to be something that others can copy.

I offer practical assistance to others. I watch out for my neighbor’s safety and lend a hand when coworkers are overburdened. I provide moral support and encouragement. I offer empathy and compassion when I see someone struggling. I wish others well and rejoice in their victories.

I exceed expectations at my job. I challenge myself to make innovations and deliver superior results.

I build strong and mutually beneficial relationships. I engage in honest, tactful, and positive two-way communication.

I raise my children to be kind and responsible. I teach them to value work and persevere through obstacles.

Today, I take action and strive to be highly effective. I have important and unique gifts to share with those around me. Doing my part helps me to live up to my potential and create a meaningful legacy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What would happen if I failed to do my share of chores around the house?
  2. How can I play a more effective role in team projects at work?
  3. How do I define doing my fair share in my community?

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