5 conversations

In the book “It’s the Manager” they discuss the 5 conversations to improve a company culture and work environment to increase employee engagement.

1. Role and Relationship Orientation: This typically last 1-4 hours once a year where managers define what success looks like in the individual’s role and how their work relatives to their coworkers’ expectations.

2. Quick Connect: Some attention, no matter what form, is better than no attention. Ongoing conversations that are rooted in the individual’s strengths are the most engaging.

3. Check-In: Managers and employees review successes and barriers and align and reset priorities. Managers should check-in once or twice a month, and they should last 10-30 minutes depending on employee’s needs and responsibilities.

4. Developmental Coaching: The true art and arguably the most difficult type of conversation to master. Most effective when the manager knows the employee well and understands their unique personality. Manager should have these 10 to 30 minute conversations based on project assignments and development opportunities. The purpose is to give the employee direction, support and advice when exploring career, aspirational or developmental opportunities.

5. Progress Review: Conversations that are powerful coaching tools when they focus on celebrating success, preparing for future achievements, and planning for development and growth opportunities. Formal progress review conversations should happen at least twice a year for 1 to 3 hours.

This may seem on the surface to be overwhelming doing these 5 conversations. In actuality, these conversations make managing employees more efficient and ultimately, they will save managers significant time. Successful ongoing coaching, employees will put less energetic toward misguided work efforts and unproductive politics that hurt a business.

Becoming an effective coach is the one thing a manager can do that will make most things they currently do easier or unnecessary.

For more details I encourage others to read “It’s the Manager”


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