Take accountability for everything…

Take accountability for everything is used so often it loses any real effect in most peoples lives.  Pull out a sheet of paper and think of all of the challenges or problems in your life in the last 24 hours.  Were you kept up late because of something, did you eat something not on your diet because you had no other choice, did your spouse, children, co-worker, boss or a random driver make you angry, maybe someone stole your identity.

Alright, now that you have your list I want you to highlight or underline the following words: kept, no other choice, make you, had to, must.  Now go back and change these words to words that give you the chance to take accountability for everything.  Allow in stead of kept, lack of planning instead of no other choice, make you becomes I choose, had to is now get to, must is now because I wanted to.  When we change how we define events in our lives we gain a power over them that allows us to change the outcome.

E + R = O, Events + Response = Outcome.  If you are not happy with the outcomes in your life good luck changing the events.  The only thing you control is your response.  When you do not get the outcome you want regardless of why, find a way to take full accountability for your response.  Change your response to the event until you achieve your desired outcome.  Taking accountability for everything is hard, it can not be half done and you can not wait on others to do it for you.

You are exactly where you want to be!  If you want to be some where else bad enough you will do what ever it take to get there.  Waiting for others to tell you something, teach you something, give you something, help you with something are all your fault.  If you truly want something you need to take full and total accountability for not having it yet so you receive the power to change you response and get the desired outcome.

Take accountability for everything is not a punishment, rather it is the only way to freedom.

One of my goals in starting my blog post again is to engage with people that want to make these changes in their lives.  You want to take accountability but need a partner to help you when you choose to make excuses.  Let’s build a community of people just lifting one another.  Share your excuse and let’s figure out what you need to be saying to yourself to gain your freedom.

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