So simple it is hard.

I finally understand a little better the statement made by Jesus Christ, “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” I believe everything we do is related to our choices so I have always felt we get what we deserve and know exactly what we are doing when we choose wrong. However, Christ teaches us that we truly have a limit of our own understanding and even a predisposition to be deceived. The blindness of our minds and hardness of our hearts.

I heard a quote once that said it you think you can and won’t, then you can’t. Isn’t that interesting? How many times have you told yourself you can be better, lose weight, exercise, pray, read scriptures, work on personal development, be more social, etc. Only to justify it to yourself as “well I can but I choose not to.” What you are really saying is you can’t, the choose not to is just your justification. Forgive yourself for you know not what you do.

It comes down to something so simple that it is the hardest thing you will do. You have to act. Yes, ACT! GOYA, (get off your anatomy)! Quit telling yourself I would if I could but I can’t so I won’t. Quit making excuse. Start today by finding the one small step you can make to move you closer to what you want that you have not been willing to do. Do not let the distance to completion keep you from moving towards your objective. If you are not willing to do this just be honest with yourself and say you can’t. At least then you will not have the stress in your life of leaving things undone.

Change this and change your life. Move from I can but I won’t, to I can and I will! Trust that there is more you need to learn and move in that direction. Know that the Lord understands your weakness and will fill in the gaps as you take action in faith towards eternal life. He will bless you in all things temporal and spiritual. All he ask is that we knock, ask, believe and receive. All of these require us to act. What’s in your will?

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