April 2, 2018 When you fail, what is your reason?

What do you tell people when you fail to achieve your goals?  Most people will blame not having the resources necessary to obtain their goals.  I did not have enough money, time, the right technology, the right people or resources.  This is one way to explain your failures but it is not because you did not have enough resources.  The biggest illusion in life as to why we fail is because we believe we are missing resources.  What history teaches us it that resources are never the real problem.  The real problem is a lack of resourcefulness!

You can get the resources if you are resourceful enough.  Your emotions determine your resourcefulness.  If you doubt and fear you will fail.  If you are determined and believe you will find the resources you need.  It is never lack of resources, it is your own lack of resourcefulness.  If you really want to achieve your goal, if it is a must, you will find a way.  You will be resourceful and the resources will never be the reason for your failure.  The only way you will fail is when you stop working towards your goal because you have not controlled your emotions and started making excuses.  Nothing happens to you it happens because of you.  Nothing happens to you it happens for you.  With all of these advantages within your control, why would you choose to fail?  What will you choose to do today?

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