March 28, 2018 Morning ramblings

Today I find myself in a very interesting state as Tony Robbins would call it.  The last 36 hours have been a whirl wind.  While the next few days, weeks and months may seem overwhelming now, we will make it through this opportunity just like any other.  We must remember life is like driving at night.  We can only see as far ahead of us as the lights shine but as we continue to move forward the path is made know unto us.

As many of you know my son and I attended the Unleash the Power Within seminar by Tony Robbins in San Jose over spring break.  What a blessing to spend four days with him.  I learned so much from the seminar but to hear my son speak of what he learned brings peace to my soul.  He was required to write a paper in English class last week and the topic was, “Can you choose to be happy?”  Most of his classmates said they could not choose to be happy but Clay knew differently.  As he shared his thoughts with Desiree and myself about what he had learned and all of the stories he remembered from UPW, his smile was infectious.  He ended up with the highest possible score and a 100 for his grade.  The first 100 he has had on a paper and it was on the topic of happiness.  I cannot begin to share how blessed and grateful I am that he has learned this for himself.

Now he has the opportunity to help his family learn from his knowledge as we embark on a new journey.  He is truly a light to the world and as he puts his trust in the Lord Almighty, he will be able to overcome the temptations of the adversary.  What a blessing we have been given.

In life everything is a choice.  When we understand that controlling our state of mind, will allow us to make better choices, then we are in the top 1% of all people.  The difference between success and average is 2 MM (millimeters) according to experts.  Choose today to go the extra 2 MM an obtain the happiness, joy, peace and prosperity you desire for yourself and your loved ones.  Defy the odds!  Set new standards! Step up!

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