March 27, 2018 Support regardless of emotion

There are times in life that we will not have positive emotions towards those we love because of the way we perceive their actions.  Today I was reading in 2 Nephi 19.  In this chapter Isaiah is speaking as the Savior regarding his anger towards the people because of their choices.  The scripture that is repeated and stood out to me was, “For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.”  In life there will be times we are frustrated and even angry with others because of their actions.  The Lord shows us that we can allow ourselves to disagree with the actions that anger us and still not abandon those we care about in our lives.

We never know when someone will have a moment of weakness and simply not be able to handle the pressure or temptations of life.  We are all in mortal, natural man, bodies and are tempted to our breaking point to help us progress in this life.  When those we love are struggling it is not because they do not love us, it is because they do not love themselves.  They are living a life engulfed in the two biggest fears we all have, not being enough and not being able to be loved.  When we see those we care about doing things for others and never for themselves it is time to ask, why?  Why do they need to do so much for others at the expense of their time or money?  It is how they fulfill their need for significance and contribution.  Let us all commit to understanding these fears in ourselves and others and make sure we show acceptance of the person even when we do not agree or accept the actions of the person.  For we do not have to turn away our anger but our hand should be stretched out still.

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