March 21, 2018 Challenges

Yesterday we spoke of where focus goes energy flows and I asked you to try an exercise to demonstrate the principle.  Now that you are aware, that whatever happens to you is because of your focus, you can simply focus on positive outcomes and never have a challenge right?  Wrong, even with great focus we will experience opportunities for growth through challenges.  The difference is if we are in the right state of mind with proper focus these challenges are seen as opportunities to grow instead of reasons why we cannot grow.  You cannot build a muscle without resistance and breaking down the muscle fibers.  It is when these fibers are torn that the grow more fibers to increase the capacity of the muscle.

So when you find things to be a trail, be grateful that you are getting the opportunity to grow and will have even more opportunities to contribute to others with your new strength.  To be a diamond in the rough, you must withstand great amounts of pressure.  This becomes easier if we understand how to keep our mindset on the proper focus points.  Otherwise we will remain just a lump of coal.  There is a diamond in all of us, we just need to apply consistent pressure.  We will endure this pressure with gratitude when we have the right focus.  There will still be pressure, this is certain, but we now understand it is necessary not a punishment.  It is a blessing and privilege to not only have these opportunities but to know the benefits of these to help us endure.

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