March 19, 2018 Love

There are 6 needs we all have and we all meet then in either positive or negative ways to some degree.  Love or connection is not only one of our basic needs but also one of our biggest fear.  The fear of not being loved is second only to the fear of not being enough.  Oddly, we can fulfill our need for love the same way we will overcome our fear of not being loved.  We must love others.

The old saying goes, you do not go looking for friends if you want to find them.  You go looking to be a friend and you will find many friends.  This is true of love, we have to give love not to receive love but to feel the love we receive.  Many people love us but we do not feel or appreciate their love at all times because we do not feel worthy of their love.  When we go out with an obsession to love all unconditionally we will have more love than we can give.  You reap what you sow.  Sow love!

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