March 16, 2018 6 Needs

We all have six needs.  Four of them are basic needs and the last two are the ones that give us fulfillment.  It is important that we understand we all have these, they are prioritized in different orders and can be met at different levels.  They can also be met in positive and negative ways.  Positive ways being ones with no negative consequences.  The six needs are certainty, uncertainty/variety, significance, love/connection, growth and contribution.  Growth and contribution are the two that give us fulfillment.

It is interesting to learn which of these are in your top two.  Just because these are all needs of every person does not mean we should fulfill each one equally.  The great thing is we get to choose which we will focus one.  Our state is determined by three things, our physiology, focus and language.  By changing any of these three we are able to change our state and fulfill our needs in positive ways.  The easiest of the three to change is our physiology.  Tony Robbins says, “motion created emotion.”  After attending the first day of his four day seminar I can tell you he proves that point quickly and repeatedly.  He was on stage 12 hours non-stop.  He used our physiology to keep us engaged and aware of everything we focused on.  If we started to focus on ourselves and being tired he had us “shaking the stadium,” high fiving everyone and even greeting each other like a friend we have not seen in years.

I wish I could write more about what I experienced last night, but I have to get ready for day two.  I look forward to adopting this new way of living and hope to help others learn in this way.  If you really want change and continue failing at the change yo desire I encourage you to consider a Unleash Power Within seminar.

What are you doing still sitting here, motion creates emotion!

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