February 17, 2018 Start your engine

There is a quote I reference often by Zig Ziglar that says, “you do not have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”  Martin Luther King Jr said, “you do not need to see the whole stair case to take the first step.”  Another way to think about this concept is if you drive at night, you can only see 200 or so feet in front of you but that does not mean you do not keep driving.  You can travel from LA to NY 200 feet at a time.

Why is this important?  Grant Cardone teaches that we need to set goals large enough that motivate us to be creative.  The problem is most will not set a goal if they cannot see the path to accomplish such a goal.  This is what limits most of us to ordinary, average and if we are honest mediocre lives.  We justify it by saying we need work life balance or there are more important things in life.  Then we wonder why it is so hard to be happy.

We are created to have success in abundance.  It is not limited to one area of our life.  The justification of balance can cause confusion.  I attest that we can have balance in life even with time spent in each are is unequal.  What I mean is we can have a very successful work life, home life, personal life and spiritual life without spending equal time in each.  It simply requires a commitment in the moment and motivation for large goals in each area.

Write down each morning your goals in each are that you have not yet achieved in the present tense.  Then get started on your day.  Before you lay down at night repeat these goals and let your mind work on the path while you rest.  Continue this process and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in each area.  At times you may spend more time on one than the other but you will realize you can have it all.  Gentlemen start your engines!

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