February 2, 2018 Careful what you wish for.

Garth Brooks has a song called, “Unanswered Prayers.”  It is a great reminder that even in life when we think we know what we want, we should be grateful for what we have instead.  Have you ever noticed that someone really great at something or with a certain color hair wants the opposite of what they have instead.  One of our greatest opportunities in life is to show more gratitude for the things we have and we will be given more things to be grateful for in the future.

The law of attraction works directly to bring more of what you think about into your life.  If you think about the things you don’t want in your life the law gives you more things you don’t want.  When we focus on what we are grateful for we get more things for which to be grateful, drawn into our lives.  This may sound simple but if you take ownership for everything that is in your life good and bad, even those things you would think are out of your control.  You will find you can bring more of what you really want into your life.  Try it for the next week, keep a record of the things you think about, good or bad, and then focus on changing how you see these thoughts.

If you want our to debt, do not think of the debt but focus on the financial freedom you will receive.  If you want to quit fighting with your spouse don’t think of the fighting, focus on loving and accepting your spouse more fully.  Check you vocabulary.  Do you find that you say, you “have” to go to work or I “can’t” go to the gym today.  Change you words to I “get” to go to work and I “choose” not to go to the gym today.  See how you empower yourself to take ownership of life with simple changes in the terms you use.  It is when we accept that life is our choice and no-one else’s that we truly find joy in the everyday and hope in the future.

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