We can all find something to like about ourselves. What you look like is just the wrapping. Think of all the compliments you have ever been given and remember them. The more you like yourself the more other people will like you and feel reassured around you. The minute you like yourself your sense of self-worth and self-esteem goes up and as you increase your own sense of self-worth everyone around you increases their sense of your worth too. We live in a world where we believe “that continually improving ourselves is the key to happiness. That is not strictly correct. Accepting ourselves is the key to happiness and confidence. There is a cosmetic surgery clinic called Transform and its message is that when you transform your body you will be happy. A younger face or a smaller nose will make you happy and confident and yet I have worked with many cosmetic surgeons who send me clients that worry them because they keep coming back for more and more surgery. The nose is still not quite right or now they want liposuction or a tummy tuck as well. Transformation begins when you like yourself and can see all the good things about yourself. You don’t transform by working out or having liposuction; you transform by seeing all the good things about you and when you see them everyone else will see them too. That does not mean that you should not make the best of yourself but it does mean that you recognize that there is no destination called confidence or happiness that you will arrive at one day. Happiness and confidence are the journey. You will meet your need for significance by liking yourself.

Marisa Peer. “Ultimate Confidence.”

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