January 29, 2018 Talk the Walk

What we say to ourselves will determine what we do, how we act and how we feel.  The human brain believes what you tell it and will work in the body to make what you think come to reality.  If you want to go from good to great you have to tell yourself you are already great.  If you want to develop into a level 5 leader you need to tell yourself you are a level 5 leader with great humility and professional will.

“Change your Language. Your brain uses the words you use to work out how you are feeling. Muhammad Ali never said, ‘I am amongst the best or one of the best.’ He said, ‘I AM THE GREATEST. No one can beat me.’ He fully believed it and so did his opponents. You have to think it, believe it, speak it and live it then you become it until It is no longer what you do, it’s who you are.”

Excerpt From: Marisa Peer. “Ultimate Confidence.”

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