January 19, 2018 Have Big Goals and Dreams

Successful people dream big and have immense goals. They are not realistic. They leave that to the masses, who fight for leftovers. The second question of the 10X Rule asks: How big are your goals and dreams? The middle class are taught to be realistic, whereas the successful think in terms of how extensively they can spread themselves. The greatest regret of my life is that I initially set targets and goals based on what was realistic rather than on giant, radical thinking.

“Big think” changes the world. It is what makes Facebook, Twitter, Google—or whatever’s coming next. Realistic thinking, small goals, and trivial dreams simply won’t provide you with any motivation—and they’ll land you smack dab in the middle, competing with the masses. Dream big, go big, and then figure out how to go bigger than that! Read everything you can about great people and great companies’ accomplishments. Surround yourself with everything you can that inspires you to think big, act big, and reach your full potential.  Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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