January 14, 2018 Break Traditional Ideas

The most successful of the successful go beyond the concept of mere change and challenge traditional thinking. Look at organizations like Google, Apple, and Facebook, and you will see companies that challenge traditions and create new ways of doing things. They break that which already works in order to get to a better place. The most successful are looking to create traditions—not follow already established ones. Do not be a prisoner of the thinking agreed upon by others. Figure out ways to take advantage of the traditional thinking that holds others back.

The successful are called “thought leaders” who design the future with forward thinking. I built my first company on the notion of breaking traditional ideas that one industry had long accepted by showing it a better way to take care of customers.

Highly successful individuals are not concerned with the way things “have always been done”; they’re interested in finding new and better ways. They look at why automobiles, airplanes, newspapers, and homes have changed so little over the past 50 years and try to determine ways to create new markets. A word of warning: These people are also able to maintain their companies’ existing structures while disputing conventional concepts and bringing new products to market. They don’t suggest change for the sake of change; they do so in order to design superior products, relationships, and environments. The successful are willing to challenge tradition in order to discover new and better ways to accomplish their goals and dreams. Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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