January 8, 2018 Habitually Commit

The successful fully and consistently commit to activities—some of which require them to put it all on the line. This goes back to the concept of being “all in” that I described earlier. It also relates to operating with some level of danger and refusing to play it safe. Unsuccessful people rarely commit to anything entirely. They are always talking about “trying,” and when they do commit, it is normally in destructive acts and habits. Commitment is actually one of the things of which there is a shortage. Far too many individuals and organizations fail to commit fully to their activities, duties, obligations, and responsibilities to see things all the way through. To acquire success, it is vital that you quit testing the water’s temperature and simply jump in! Devoting yourself to something all the way means that there’s no backing out. It is just like when you jump into a body of water; once you decide to go for it, you can’t stop yourself midair.

I would prefer a person who is able to fully commit over one who is completely educated any day. Commitment is a sign that someone is pledging him- or herself completely to a position, issue, or action. Successful people see past the problems and are able to keep their focus on the promise they’ve made to themselves or others. They keep their eyes on the outcome or action the entire time. When I commit to ensuring success for myself, my family, a project, or my company, it means that I will do whatever is necessary to make that pledge a reality and fulfill my commitment. Commitments are not something for which you can make excuses, nor are they something you negotiate with or on which you can “give up.” Commit fully as though you are already successful and demonstrate that commitment to all those with—and for—whom you work.

Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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