January 5, 2018 Create Wealth

Attitude toward wealth is an especially significant distinction between the financially successful and the unsuccessful. Poor people believe they need to work in order to make money and then spend their lives either spending it on nothing of importance or conserving like crazy in order to protect it. The very successful know that the money is already created. They think in terms of generating wealth through the exchange of new ideas, products, services, and solutions. The very successful realize that they’re not bound by shortages. They know that money exists in abundance and flows to those who create products, services, and solutions—and that wealth is not limited to a monetary supply. The closer you are to the massive flows of money, the better chance you have of creating wealth for your own endeavors.

Think in terms of creating money and wealth, not salaries and conservation of funds. Figure out how to create wealth through the exchange of great ideas, quality service, and effective problem solving. Look, for example, at how powerful banks behave. They collect currency through methods that compel other people to either give them money or borrow it from them. Consider the way in which wealthy people own real estate that others pay for by way of rent. They produce money solely by owning this property and therefore create wealth. People who invest in their own companies do so in order to increase their wealth, not their incomes. The unsuccessful, on the other hand, spend money on things that affluent individuals use to create wealth. Income is taxed; wealth is not. Remember: You don’t need to “make” money. It has already been made. There are no shortages of actual money—only shortages of people creating wealth. Move your attention from conserving money to creating wealth, and you’ll be thinking as successful people do.  Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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