January 3, 2018 Be Unreasonable

No, that is not an error; it does say unreasonable. In my book Sell to Survive, I introduced the notion that the successful salesperson must be unreasonable with his or her client in order to consummate the sale. This clearly flies in the face of what most of us are taught—that is, to be reasonable and logical. Being unreasonable requires that you act without rational consideration and not in accordance with practical realities. And, yes—that’s what I want you to do! When most people see this definition, they get confused and think that I’m telling them to be crazy. But successful people recognize how vital it is to act without reason. They know they cannot afford to act in accordance with the agreed-upon realities. If they do, the supposed “impossible” can never become possible for them.

Being a 10X-er requires thinking and acting unreasonably. Otherwise, you will end up the same way everyone else does—forced to survive on successful people’s leftovers. Unreasonable doesn’t mean being mentally unstable—and let’s face it, who isn’t just a little off the rocker—but that you refuse to validate the alleged “sanity” of reasonable actions that will never get you what you want. Most of the world is playing in accordance with some set of stupid, useless, reasonable rules that only ensure that you continue trudging along in bondage as a mere slave. Think about it: Would we have cars, airplanes, space travel, telephones, and the Internet—in addition to thousands of other things we take for granted—if someone hadn’t done something that another person had labeled “unreasonable”? Man would do nothing exceptional if it were not for the willingness to be unreasonable. So be one of the unreasonable ones. They are usually the people who make a huge difference in our world.  Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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