December 27, 2017 Have a can do attitude

I will be sharing from the book “The 10 X Rule” for the next 32 days Grant Cardone’s keys to success.  These are short items that have real power and as I have applied them personally and with my leadership team we have seen great results.  I hope you enjoy and encourage you to get this book if you have not done so already.

People with a “can do” attitude approach every situation with the outlook that no matter what, it can be done. They consistently use phrases like “We can do it,” “Let’s make it happen,” “Let’s work it out”—and they always maintain that a solution exists. These people talk in terms of explanations and resolving issues and consistently communicate challenges with a positive outlook.

They respond to even the most daunting or seemingly impossible situation in a “can do” manner. This attitude is more valuable than a superior product and a lower price and is one of the only ways you’ll be able to accomplish 10X massive actions. If you are not willing to approach everything with the attitude that it can be done, then you won’t truly be thinking in 10X. You must believe and convey to others that a solution does indeed exist—even if you’re going to have to work a little harder to find it. Incorporate this kind of “can do” outlook into your language, thoughts, actions, and responses to everyone you know.

Help your entire company develop this kind of attitude by drilling it into them on a daily basis. Take even the most impossible request and figure out how you can answer with a “can do” attitude. Get yourself and your colleagues to the point where responses like “Can do, no problem—we will handle it!” become the norm—and nothing else is even accepted.” Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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