November 25, 2017 What are you waiting for?

axr Dec 2014

Queen of Procrastination

she ruled kingdoms three

the land were prisoners roam free

she spent her time staring at walls

making worlds which would never fall

the chieftain came in and bowed at her feet

‘My Queen,the enemy has left us no option –

surrender or retreat.’

Aghast,bewildered and tensed she paced the court

‘Oh dear! did they sink our boat?’

‘Your majesty, will you please tell how to act in such a situation?’

‘You fool! how am I supposed to answer when I am the Queen of Procrastination!’

Mel Robbins author of The Five Second Rule, wrote once, “I use to crastinate, and became so good I went Pro.”  Her book is a great tool to help you take immediate action on the items that need to get done.  A motto I learned from Zig Ziglar about getting to do what you want goes something like this.  If you do what you have to do when you have to do it the time will come that you get to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  Self-discipline is really the king of the process.  To truly be great we have to do what the average are not willing to do to be successful.  The extra effort, the mental focus and the persistence to continue when others quit.

Procrastination may seem like it doesn’t hurt anything.  I have heard people say they do their best work right before the deadline.  Parkinson’s Law states, work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.  If we know we will not take action on something because the deadline is to far away, maybe we should rethink how we set deadlines.  Learning to prioritize and get things done is a lost are in this generation.

I see the push for work life balance.  If you are trying to find balance by doing less of each time then I feel it can never bring true joy and pleasure to your soul.  We are meant to grow and achieve, the entire purpose of life is to become more like our eternal creator.  We must learn to first to what is necessary so we are free to truly enjoy life.  It is time to retire from the pros and completely give up procrastinating.

Think on the feelings after you have completed something you have been putting off.  Use these feelings as motivation to do more of what you know needs to be done.  Get off the path of least resistance and get things done.  Then when you spend time working on life balance you are not subconsciously beating yourself up the whole time because you know you should have done something else first.  That is not balance.  You are designed for greatness, and engineered for success.  Take hold of you future and make it your present.  What are you waiting for?

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