November 23, 2017 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I pray you have a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends, enjoying your favorite foods and remembering what wonderful things in life you have to give thanks.  For me growing up Thanksgiving was all about the desserts.  I remember one year I ate 12 pieces of my grandmother’s homemade pies.  It nearly killed me, I was so sick.

Later in life I enjoyed the fact that there were so many different items to taste at Thanksgiving.  Oh, how I loved all I could eat.  Eventually, I came to anticipated the few side dishes that I just had to have on Thanksgiving.  I have never been a big turkey guy, actually I only eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day as a standalone item.  Now when I think of Thanksgiving I reflect back on the past and realize in my youth I missed the whole point.

In my youth I was so focused on the food that I did not pay attention to the opportunity the holiday gave me to be with family.  When I reflect on the events of the holiday versus the menu I remember how loved I felt and how much I now miss those that I can no longer be around on Thanksgiving.  Today I will eat my favorite sides, in moderation, but I will enjoy the time I have with my beautiful wife and four wonderful boys.  I also have to opportunity to visit with my staff and residents today and look forward to spending time with them during each meal.  I am very thankful that I can serve meals to those that trust us with their care.

I believe we can learn a lot about life from how we view holidays.  As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day etc. there is no reason this joy cannot be felt each and every day of our lives.  My goal is that every day will be Thanksgiving.  There will be no turkey or smorgasbord of sides and desserts.  I will just be grateful for the day I have been given and the opportunity it brings me to find things and express my gratitude and be a reason others have to be grateful.  The true meaning of the holidays to me now are how much I can give not what I will receive.  Isn’t it funny how much our prospective changes.  Things we use to be grateful for are replaced with the things in life that truly matter.

Today I am grateful for you.  Yes, those of you that have read things daily ramblings of a man that is just trying to be better today than he was yesterday.  You have given me the strength to change and grow in ways that I never thought possible.  As I sit here typing I can barely see my computer screen through the tears of gratitude in my eyes.  I can never fully express how much you mean to me and how much you have help my family.  I am a better person today and will be even stronger tomorrow because of your support.  Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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