November 17, 2017 Attitude of Gratitude

If you really want to change your life and attract more things into your life to be grateful for make a daily list of gratitude.  We get what we focus on, if you focus on the negative you attract more things to be negative about.  When you focus on the things you are already grateful for you attract more things to be grateful for in your life.

In his book “The Happiness Advantage” Shawn Achor shares this example of how negative focus changes our brain, “Over the past year, as I have been working with the global tax-accounting firm KPMG to help their tax auditors and managers become happier, I began to realize that many of the employees were suffering from an unfortunate problem. Many of them had to spend 8 to 14 hours a day scanning tax forms for errors, and as they did, their brains were becoming wired to look for mistakes. This made them very good at their jobs, but they were getting so expert at seeing errors and potential pitfalls that this habit started to spill over into other areas of their lives. Like the Tetris players who suddenly saw those blocks everywhere, these accountants experienced each day as a tax audit, always scanning the world for the worst.As you can imagine, this was no picnic, and what’s more, it was undermining their relationships at work and at home. In performance reviews, they noticed only the faults of their team members, never the strengths. When they went home to their families, they noticed only the C’s on their kids’ report cards, never the A’s. When they ate at restaurants, they could only notice that the potatoes were underdone—never that the steak was cooked perfectly. One tax auditor confided that he had been very depressed over the past quarter. As we discussed why, he mentioned in passing that one day during a break at work he had made an Excel spreadsheet listing all the mistakes his wife had made over the past six weeks. Imagine the reaction of his wife (or soon to be ex wife) when he brought that list of faults home in an attempt to make things better. Tax auditors are far from the only ones who get stuck in this kind of pattern.”

Watch this video of Zig Ziglar on how changing your focus from negative to positive can truly make a difference.

Everyday write down at least three things every day you are grateful for and say to yourself, I love my life because…

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